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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! At D&A Optometry, our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed.

Comprehensive eye exams determine your glasses prescription and evaluate your eye health. D&A Optometry thoroughly evaluates for any ocular disease and provides retinal imaging on all patients age 10 and older.

Schedule your eye exam today for the whole family and see how our team of qualified professionals can get you or your loved ones seeing great.

Soft Contact Lens Fittings

If you’re looking for a comfortable and clear contact lens, then D&A Optometry is the Optometry Clinic for you. Our professional team is here to fit you with contact lenses with the most crisp vision and most comfort possible.

D&A Optometry fits daily and monthly disposable soft contact lenses. Depending on your prescription, we can fit contacts with or without astigmatism.


We also fit specialty hard contacts - scleral lenses for high prescriptions and dry eye and Ortho-K contacts to correct your prescription while you sleep!

Have you been holding your phone further and further away? If so, we fit multi-focal contacts. Ask our team if a multi-focal contact lens is an option for you.


Emergency Eye Care

Care When You Need it

If you are experiencing an ocular emergency, D&A Optometry is fully equipped to examine and treat most eye emergencies. Our doctors are able to treat eye infections, red and itchy eyes, and remove metal from the eye. If you are unsure if your ocular emergency is something to be concerned about, please contact D&A Optometry and ask our professional team.

Advanced Dry Eye Treatments

We all occasionally experience dry eyes. However, some people experience eye discomfort, and even pain, on a daily basis. At My Dry Eye Clinic by D&A Optometry, we aim to treat and manage dry eye with the best available technology.

If you experience dry, itchy, watery, burning eyes, or fluctuating vision you likely have dry eyes. If you have tried all the different types of eye drops and still haven't found any relief of your symptoms, there is a LOT more that can be done.

Explore our Advanced Dry Eye Treatments by clicking here or connect with our clinic to learn more.

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